Wabal on Governor Mishra’s biography, wrote in it – Join BJP, Governor’s office distanced itself from controversy

Rajasthan Governor Kalraj Mishra is once again embroiled in controversies. The latest case is about the book related to the biography of the governor. From the content of this book, which came into controversy on the third day of its release, the process has now become a part of the controversy, on which objections are being raised. At the same time, politics has also increased regarding this.
Here, in view of the increased controversy in this whole matter, now the Governor’s Office has distanced itself from it by making an official statement. Actually, let us tell you that during the release of this book, copies of this biography were allegedly sold to the Vice Chancellors of 27 universities of the state. It has been learned that the Vice Chancellors of 27 universities of the state were given books 19-19 without orders. Along with these books, bills of 68-68 thousand were also handed over, but when there was a big controversy regarding selling the book to the Vice Chancellors without consent and handing over the bill, a statement was issued on behalf of the Governor’s office saying that this book They have no role in sales.

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Vice Chancellors said to return the book
The official statement clearly states that the publisher, International Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (IIME) had requested to launch the book at the Governor’s house and it was provided to him, but the ‘sale’ of the books was done by the Governor’s House. No role. Here, immediately after the release of the statement, all those vice-chancellors have also asked to return the copies. It is noteworthy that this book was released on 1st July on the 80th birthday of the Governor. The name of the book is ‘Kalraj Mishra: Nimit Matru Hoon Main’ (I am just a medium)’, written by Dr. D.K. Tucknett. Talking to TOI, the Director of IIME regarding book sales, DK Tucknett, Director, IIME said, “I completely agree with the statement of the Governor’s office that they were not aware of the sale of books. This is a standard practice. It is during such events that we take the books for sale. The books were given to the Vice Chancellors on the condition that they can return them if they do not want it.” He said that he had brought 500 copies of the book to the event and gave complimentary copies to almost every guest.

Vice Chancellors say – Book buying was not mentioned in the program
In fact, after the program was over, 19 copies of the book were left in a carton in the cars of the Vice Chancellors, according to affiliate newspaper TOI. Also, their drivers were given a total bill of Rs 68,383 after 10% discount. When TOI spoke to some of the vice-chancellors in the matter, they expressed surprise that they were not informed about the ‘purchase’ of the book during the five-hour programme.

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Appeal to join BJP in book
It is noteworthy that while on the one hand the controversy regarding the purchase of the book is increasing. On the other hand, politics is also heating up regarding the content of this book. It is being told that on page number 116 of this book, it has been said to join BJP under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah. There is also a mention of RSS in the book. The great thing is that apart from Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, CM Ashok Gehlot also participated in it. At the same time, 27 Vice Chancellors including Assembly Speaker CP Joshi were also present in this event.

Governor’s OSD also surrounded by controversies
It is noteworthy that Govind Ram Jaiswal, OSD to Governor Mishra has also been embroiled in controversies in this book. The book mentions him as a co-author, but the governor’s sources have denied the co-authorship. He told that Jaiswal’s role was only to inform the writers on behalf of Governor Mishra.

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