Watch Video: 34 burgers were eaten in 10 minutes, ‘Defending Champion’ had to share the trophy

Independence Day will be celebrated in America on Sunday 4th July. Before this, many programs are organized in the country. One of these popular contests is to eat the most burgers. Molly Schuler, who won it last year, had to share her prize this time with second-place finisher Dan ‘Killer’ Kennedy. The duo ate 34 berths in 10 minutes and shared the championship trophy.

California’s Molly holds the record for eating 35 burgers before this. Local fast food chain Z-Burger organizes the annual Independence Burger Eating Championship. It was attended by 14 ‘professional eaters’ from America. They were competing for $4,350 while the grand prize was $1,750 in cash. After eating the whole burger waited two minutes to see if he actually ate as much as he had eaten or not.

Huge crowd gathers for this event every year. Later people come to eat burgers for free. This time the winners gave photographs to the media after winning. The duo also showed off the trophy and the champion’s belt tied around the waist. Nathans Hot Dog Eating Contest will take place in New York on Sunday, which is considered the most important food related event of the day.


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