Wear these clothes on the bed, you will be crazy after seeing your partner

Having sex is considered very important in a relationship. Having sex makes partners closer to each other. When you have sex in the same way over and over again, your partner may get bored with it. In such a situation, you should always keep doing something new on the bed. If you go to bed wearing something different and sexy then it will also be something different.

Some clothes are super sexy as well as super comfortable. Most women assume that they have to make a real effort for their man to look sexy in bed. But sometimes, men want you to wear the simplest of things, because you can look too sexy in them. Here are some super simple, but super hot things men want you to wear to bed.

his oversized t-shirt
You can wear your partner’s t-shirt. You have to keep in mind that when you wear this t-shirt you don’t have to wear anything underneath. If you’re trying too hard to seduce your man in bed, wear his T-shirt. If you wear their T-shirt, they will also love seeing it. This will definitely show him that you are not putting in too much effort yet you have the ability to look super hot in his clothes. keep it simple. You would be surprised to know how little men want in terms of clothing.

Flannel PJs
They are big and they will completely hide your body. This is what makes them super hot according to men. To them, it’s a mystery that’s so enticing. PJs are the exact opposite of sexy for women, but they definitely work for your man. So the next time you want to get your partner in the mood, just wear some flannel PJs and see that your partner will love it.

glasses and messy bun
People who wear glasses are often considered to be educated. Men love if a girl wears glasses, a messy bun over it is just an extra turn-on for them. This is all kinds of sexy and hot combination for men. You are most interesting to your partner when you are tying your hair in a bun in front of him and also when you put on your glasses.

It may sound too obvious, but a pair of leggings on you is super sexy for your partner. A man loves when his partner wears leggings. He sees you wearing leggings even in fantasies. Men like that a girl wear leggings. When you walk around the bedroom wearing leggings that fit your body, your partner’s eyes will be slanting down on you.

Booty Shorts
extremely attractive! You have no idea how much men love to sneak in your booties. Men love booty shorts with cute prints on their partners because women look very innocent in this. It looks very hot on women. Your partner will love wearing your booty shorts.

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