Why are female soldiers parading in Ukraine wearing high heels? People got angry after seeing the pictures

In Ukraine’s capital, Kiev, there has been a ruckus over the parade of women soldiers wearing high heel sandals. People have expressed anger by linking it to sexism. Opposition leaders have also called it a matter related to gender discrimination. It is alleged that during the parade, these women soldiers were asked to wear high heel sandals in place of military shoes to make them look beautiful. Indeed, Ukraine is going to celebrate 30 years of independence next month after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. A grand military parade is being prepared in the capital Kiev to commemorate this. To join this, a squad of women soldiers is being given training to parade with high heels. Ukraine recently had a military dispute with Russia. After which he is busy preparing to show his military power through this parade.
(Photo: Ukrainian Defense Ministry)

Ukrainian people furious after seeing pictures of female soldiers

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s news website Armia Inform quoted Cadet Ivanna Medvid as saying that today for the first time we have participated in the parade with heeled sandals. The cadet also told that it is a bit tough as compared to army boots but we are trying. There was a lot of uproar in social media on this high heeled parade of women soldiers. Not only this, the echo of this matter was also heard in the Ukrainian Parliament. Opposition MP Irina Gerashchenko called it sexism. He said that getting women soldiers to be paraded with high heels is not an equality anywhere. At the same time, a Facebook user named Vitaly Portnikov wrote that some officials in Ukraine are living in a medieval mindset. To be paraded in heels is a real disgrace to women soldiers.

(Photo: Ukrainian Defense Ministry)

Opposition leaders wave high heels sandals in Parliament

Several Ukrainian lawmakers close to former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko demonstrated in parliament with a pair of shoes. He also asked the Ukrainian Defense Minister to join the parade wearing high heels. Inna Sovsan, a member of the Golos party, pointed to the health risks, saying it was a more foolish and harmful idea. It is very difficult to even imagine it. He also said that Ukrainian women soldiers are risking their lives like men. It’s not funny at all.

(Photo: Ukrainian Defense Ministry)

Leaders ask military officials to apologize immediately

Ukrainian parliament’s deputy speaker Olena Kondratyuk said military officers should publicly apologize for humiliating women. He demanded a high level inquiry into the incident. Kondratyuk said that more than 13,500 women have fought in the current conflict. More than 31,000 women serve in the Ukrainian Armed Forces, including 4,000 officers. In such a situation, the idea of ​​getting them paraded with high heels is condemnable.

(Photo: Ukrainian Defense Ministry)


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