Woman jailer used to have sex with prisoners by piercing their uniform, court sent them to jail for 7 months

A California corrections officer has been sentenced to 7 months in prison for having sex with inmates. This lady officer had got her pants pierced for sex. It is alleged that this officer attacked each other in front of 11 prisoners in the jail. sex with prisoner did. The female officer has been identified as Tina Gonzalez, 27, a corrections officer in Fresno County, California.

Hole was done in uniform for sex
Public prosecutors said Tina Gonzalez pierced her uniform to make sex easier with a prison inmate. Gonzalez had consensual sexual activity with a detained prisoner. The prisoner involved in sex with this woman was an adult and the sex was consensual. For this reason, the court sentenced only in the case of damage to the uniform and obscene act while on duty.

Such a case was disclosed
The matter came to light when some prison staff heard the inmates talking about a sexual relationship with a female officer. The matter was reported to the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office. During the investigation of the case, the police were blown away after coming to know about the misdeeds of this lady officer. Assistant Sheriff Steve McComas said the woman officer’s actions resembled that of a criminal with a corrupt mind.

The female officer gave razor and phone to the prisoner
Police investigate how Tina Gonzalez had sex with an inmate. This lady officer also gave the prisoner a razor, which is considered a possible weapon in jail. The woman also taught the prisoner how and where to hide the razor while the jail officials searched the cell. Phone logs also revealed that Gonzalez had been in a relationship with the prisoner for a long time.

Prisoner used to talk obscenely on phone with female officer
Police accused Tina Gonzalez of violating a pre-job oath. The police said that the woman officer’s actions also threatened the safety of other jail colleagues. But, the lady officer has no remorse for her actions. On searching the prisoner’s cell, the police officers also found a phone, through which he used to talk obscenely with the female officer.


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