Women should masturbate in these positions

masturbation (MasturbationThere are many advantages and disadvantages as well. If we talk about the harm of masturbation, then when a person masturbation more then he is more likely to get harmed. Masturbation is not considered bad, but in our society it is still not considered right. But now people have started masturbating.

Masturbation reduces the stress of people. That’s why people do it. Women masturbate less than men. Even today women in our society are more shy while doing all these activities. But many women masturbate to get satisfaction. Many women do not know the technique of masturbation properly and those who do do not know that they can enjoy masturbation in many positions. There is no problem in this, because today we will tell you about some such masturbation positions, so that you can enjoy masturbation even more. So let us know in which positions women can masturbate.

1. The Solo Snake

The solo snake position is a great masturbation position for women. In this, women can enjoy masturbation a lot. To masturbate in this position, lie on your stomach and use your hand or a sex toy under your vagina and clitoris. You will feel better if you use a vibrator toy. It is better to masturbate in this position because the weight of your body creates extra friction on your clitoris. Due to which the stimulation increases a lot and you will be able to get a better orgasm.

2. Standing Leg Shower


Place one foot on the edge of the tub or shower seat, allowing the shower to open completely to your vulva. If you don’t have anything to prop your leg forward, simply lean against a wall and bring one knee to the side. Now use your fingers or choose your favorite water resistant vibrator. By doing this you will definitely get satisfaction. It is better to masturbate in this position because masturbating while standing is a great positioning style that many women ignore. Not only will you get an orgasm with a leg shower, but it will also clean your vagina well.

3. Butterfly Position

female masturbation

Women should enjoy masturbation in butterfly position. In this position, women get orgasm soon. To do masturbation in this position, women have to sit on the bed with the help of their hips. Then women should mix their toes well with each other. In this position, the stress on the pelvic muscles of women increases. After this, you put your finger in your vagina. This will shrink the pelvic muscles and women will also get orgasm. Women should masturbate in this position because women will get orgasm soon in this position.

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